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Leadership Skills: Building Success Through Teamwork



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You will learn how to: Develop your teams to maximize their strengths and enhance productivity; Optimize organization and work design for success in service delivery teams; Motivate your team with effective performance measurement; Integrate your role as a leader into your management style; Leverage the complementary skills and styles of your team; Eliminate barriers and chokepoints that block teamwork; Apply a diverse and multilevel approach to minimize communication breakdowns. Fee per person: $2650

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Learning Tree International


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Who Should Attend?

This course is valuable for anyone who aspires to provide authentic leadership. Course 290, 'Management Skills,' or previous experience managing teams is helpful.

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You will learn how to

Course benefits

Leaders are under increasing pressure to deliver results and services faster, better and more cost effectively. To ensure success in a service team environment, leaders must inspire others to work together to deliver high-quality results.

In this course, you gain the skills to structure, measure and tune teamwork performance. Through practical workshops, you learn how to become a leader who equips his or her teams with the skills and capabilities to optimize productivity and performance and ensure success.

Who should attend

This course is valuable for anyone who aspires to provide authentic leadership. Course 290, "Management Skills," or previous experience managing teams is helpful.

Course workshop

Workshops provide you with practical experience developing your leadership skills to create successful teams. Workshops include:

Course content









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About Learning Tree

Learning Tree International is a world leader in Hands-on training for Management and Technology Professionals. Since 1974, over 1,700,000 course participants from over 13,000 organizations around the world have enhanced their skills through intensive hands-on exercises under the guidance of expert instructors with real-world experience.

Virtually every major company and government agency has relied on Learning Tree to provide its managers and employees with the skills they need to succeed in their job functions.

10 Reasons to Choose Learning Tree

... over 1.7 million professionals have trained with Learning Tree

1 Benefit from 32 Years of Training Excellence

Learning Tree International has trained over 1,700,000 IT and management professionals and managers from more than 13,000 organizations around the world. Virtually every major technologyoriented organization and government agency has trusted and relied on us to provide their employees with the training they need to master the latest technologies and management skills.

2 Learn from Expert Instructors

Learning Tree instructors are active practitioners who average more than 20 years experience in their field. Because they use the very technologies and skills they teach, they've already solved the same problems you are likely to encounter, so you and your organization gain the knowledge from their years of hands-on expertise. In addition to their extensive real-world experience, our instructors only qualify to teach Learning Tree Courses after completing our rigorous industryleading screening and training program.

3 Experience Superior Course Design

Learning Tree Courses are developed through a stringent, time-tested process that ensures every course is practical and relevant. Our development teams include multiple subject experts drawn from our worldwide network-and our courses are constantly updated to ensure what you learn is always up to date.

4 Courses are Available Anywhere, Anytime

In addition to our Education Centers located in North America, Europe and the Pacific Rim, Learning Tree has the infrastructure and logistical capabilities to assemble, customize and deliver world-class training anywhere in the world. Whether it's a single course at your own facility, or a complete curriculum you need to present in different locations around the globe, location is not a problem.

5 Acquire Practical Skills with Hands-On Instructor-led Training

Each of our intensive hands-on courses is designed to help you gain the skills you need-quickly and in depth. Our courses are taught in a collaborative, supportive classroom-based environment, not on a Web site where you get instruction in a vacuum. And when you return to work, you can apply your new skills, tools and techniques right away, so you and your organization reap the benefits immediately.

6 Retain New Knowledge and Skills Longer

Learning Tree Courses are developed around the principles of Active Learning, the most advanced and effective method of adult education. You are immersed in your subject through individual and group activities that significantly increase your understanding, retention and ability to apply new knowledge and concepts to maximum effect.

7 Learn in a Superb Training Environment

Our modern, comfortable Education Centers are designed to ensure the comfort, ease and maximum effectiveness of your learning experience. We provide state-of-the-art equipment featuring MagnaLearn(tm), our proprietary Instructional Enhancement Technology-which helps you learn more quickly, in greater depth and with increased retention.

8 Achieve Professional Certification

We offer 45 Certification Programs that give you professional recognition and document your expertise. Achieving Learning Tree Certification demonstrates your mastery of the essential skills required to excel in your role.

9 Earn College Credit or Continuing Education Credit

Learning Tree Courses are recommended for college credit to more than 1,500 Universities and Colleges by the American Council on Education (ACE). Our courses are also eligible for PDU credits from the Project Management Institute, as well as CPE credits from the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy.

10 Vendor-Independent Training

Learning Tree was, is and will continue to be independent of vendor influences. That means you get training that is unbiased. We present an objective, evenhanded treatment of the pros and cons of new products, techniques and technology. You even learn about third-party alternatives that the vendors themselves would never tell you about.

Learning Tree Management Training

For over 32 years, Learning Tree has been dedicated to meeting the professional development needs of people like you. Now, more than ever, superior management, leadership and interpersonal skills are critical to individual and organizational success. And it is equally critical to be able to apply those skills in complex, technology-intensive environments.

Experience the Quality...of Learning Tree Hands-On Training

Learning Tree is committed to providing the most effective high-quality education for IT professionals and managers. Our high standards for Course Development, Instructor Training and state-of-the-art facilities provide a learning experience that ensures your training investment produces the results you and your organization expect.

Active Training Ensures That "You Learn by Doing"

For over 32 years, Learning Tree has been a pioneer in the application of Active Training, which is the most advanced and effective method of adult education. And today, we are still leading the way.

In our courses, you learn by doing. Our instructors do more than just lecture--they actively involve you in your training. Brief lectures are followed by hands-on exercises so that you master new skills right away.

Get Real-World Solutions from Expert Instructors

Learning Tree instructors are active practitioners who work full time in high-tech companies, R & D labs and other business environments where they use the very technologies and skills they teach. Because they have already solved the same problems you are likely to encounter, our instructors are equipped to share their real-world experience and practical solutions with you. Everything you learn is practical, relevant and up to the minute.


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