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How to Manage Emotions and Excel Under Pressure



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This phenomenal new workshop is designed specifically to arm you with the skills you need to maintain emotional control at work -- and to manage the negative emotions of others. Never again will frustration, anger, anxiety, tears, or disappointment damage your professional relationships, tarnish your reputation, or ruin your job satisfaction. Attend this powerful workshop and you'll have at your fingertips the perfect response to emotionally charged situations, ready to bring you positive results every time. You'll discover which emotions could be holding back your career, which ones stress you out most, and how to harness these emotions so they’ll no longer sabotage your success. You'll also learn simple tools and exercises for changing how you react to hot-button issues that can trigger your negative emotions. What's more, you’ll master step-by-step how-to's for dealing with typical workplace situations, like when a co-worker lashes out at you or makes a snide remark -- when an employee you’ve just fired cries -- when you’re berated by a customer -- or unfairly criticized by your supervisor. 6 CEUs. Fee per person: $199. (Enroll four people and the fourth attends for free.)

National Seminars Training


National Seminars Training


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Who Should Attend?

Anyone who: has had anger ruin a workplace relationship; has trouble getting motivated; dreads the thought of handling conflict/confrontation; spends time feeling hurt, angry, worried, anxious, inadequate, guilty; plays 'should've, could've, would've'

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Few workplace skills are more important to your career than the ability to stand strong and calm under pressure, stress, and chaos.

Program Description:

Ever been in a situation at work where you “lost it” – whether you got angry, started to cry, felt your face flush crimson, said something you regretted, or said nothing at all and then were mad at yourself the rest of the day because of it?

If you’re like most professionals, you’ve been there, done that, and wished you’d handled the situation a lot differently.

Handle Emotionally Charged Situations Confidently and Professionally

Obviously, we can’t promise you’ll never feel angry or frustrated at work again. You will – that’s a given. But after you attend this workshop, you’ll be equipped with the skills you need to turn those intense emotions into positive energy, which is guaranteed to give you better results in every exchange with others.

Why let your emotions control you when you can learn to control them – in just one day? Enroll today and expect to look back on your day of learning as a turning point in your life.

What You'll Learn:

1. Build More Supportive Workplace Relationships

Regardless of what your position is, your success largely depends on the quality of your workplace relationships. Having the ability to maintain emotional control is your key to getting others to respond positively to you … and to gaining their support. This workshop is your opportunity to develop the skills you need to maintain the productive workplace relationships that are so essential to your career.

2. Be More Productive … and More Effective

Self-sabotaging behaviors can really bog down your productivity level at work and at home. Discover what behaviors could be holding you back (keeping silent or blowing up for example) and how to overcome them once and for all.

3. Eliminate Many of the Conflicts in Your Life

Nothing is more strenuous to your day than dealing with conflict – and unfortunately, when two or more people work together, it’s bound to arise. Learn how to stay calm, cool, and in control – even when someone’s pushed all your “hot buttons.” The result will be fewer conflicts in your life and an overwhelming sense of mastery and confidence in yourself.

4. Reduce Stress – and Increase Your Satisfaction at Work AND Home

Let’s face it: There’s a lot of stress that comes from knowing you should be doing something better but not knowing how to. It’s frustrating. It’s demoralizing. And it makes your life a lot harder than it has to be.

Learn how to take control of your life and achieve whatever you set out to accomplish. Your stress level will instantly shrink and you’ll become a happier, more fulfilled person.

Who Should Attend?

Is This Workshop for You? Take This Quiz and Find Out!

If you answered “yes” to even one of these questions, this workshop is exactly what you need to bring confidence, stability, and control back into your life.

Managing emotions is an essential skill for finding happiness, boosting productivity and positioning yourself for career advancement and satisfaction. You have the power to control your emotions – you simply have to enroll in this workshop and we’ll show you how.

Workshop Agenda:

I. Understanding the Emotions That Hold You Back

II. Preparing for Confrontation and Other Tough Situations

III. Navigating Your Way Through Conflict

IV. How to Deal With Others’ Negative Emotions

V. Communication Skills for Dealing With Emotionally Charged Situations

VI. Dealing With the Big “A”: Anger

VII. Achieving Emotional Balance for Phenomenal Success


Dealing With Stress on the Job: The Great American Career Killer

The special section of this workshop agenda deals with how to handle the stressful situations that come at us every day.

You’ll learn how to cope, handle, and work through high-stress situations so that you come out on top every time. You’ll get more done, be happier on the job, AND be the envy of everyone in your office!

You don’t have to be a victim of day-to-day job stressors anymore. When you attend this powerful, life-changing session, you’ll have even greater control of your emotions, be more successful, and most importantly, you’ll have less stress!

Sponsor Background:

National Seminars Training is focused on meeting the ever-expanding continuing education needs of adult professionals in all industries and professions. Our sole mission is to provide the results-producing training you need, when and where you need it, and at a price that is cost-effective for you and your organization.

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