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Collection Laws From Start to Finish


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Solid Techniques to Help You Get Your Money Faster. Getting people to part with their money when they owe a debt can be an extremely unpleasant and difficult job. Combine that with strict guidelines and ample opportunity for liability and you can go from hero to zero in the span of one botched phone call. Don't let it happen to you. If you're responsible for collecting debts for your company, you need to have airtight methods and perfect procedures in order to get the money owed while staying in compliance with the FDCPA and Fair Credit Extension Uniformity Act. Minimize your company's risk and get results by attending this power-packed seminar. Our knowledgeable faculty will reveal some of the best practices available to collect debts before a lawsuit whenever possible. Do your part to make third party action successful if your in-house measures don't work out. Gain insiders' tips for uncovering assets a debtor is trying to keep hidden. Pursue your options for collection after a judgment is entered. Know exactly what your rights are and how to assert them when a debtor files for bankruptcy. Don't miss this pivotal seminar. Fee per person: $389

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