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The Certificate in Essentials of Human Resource Management Seminar



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This program provides a comprehensive overview of all facets of human resource management. This 4-1/2 day seminar provides an ideal, balanced and practically-oriented foundation in critical human resource subjects including legal aspects of HR management; hiring strategies; training, and comprehensive practices. Fee per person: $2375.


Institute for Applied Management & Law, Inc. - IAML


Human Resources

Who Should Attend?

Anyone currently involved in human resources, or anyone wanting to become involved in HR

An Overview of the Certificate in Essentials of Human Resource ManagementSM Seminar

Presented for more than 15 years, The Certificate in Essentials of Human Resource ManagementSM Seminar provides comprehensive and practical coverage of many important aspects of human resource work. The objective of the program is to help participants immediately become more effective on-the-job, while helping them avoid costly mistakes.


Seminar Structure

The complete Certificate in Essentials of Human Resource ManagementSM Seminar is comprised of two "blocks" of instruction which are usually completed over 4½ consecutive days.

Certificate Awarded

The Certificate in Essentials of Human Resource Management is awarded when a participant attends all 4½ days of the seminar. No examinations are given. These attractive certificates are mailed shortly after the end of each program.

Extensive Materials

The seminar materials have been developed as a resource for use in the program as well as a desk reference in the office. The materials are current and reflect the issues and ever changing demands placed on the human resources professional.

Renowned Instructors

Each seminar features block leaders who are employment law attorneys with extraordinary legal backgrounds, and nationally known human resource consultants who have extensive practical experience. All have demonstrated the ability to teach the material in an interesting manner.

Personal Interaction

Faculty members use skill development techniques and practical classroom application of the information during the entire program. Questions are openly encouraged from all participants during the programs, lunches, breaks and after the sessions. Participants will find a collegial atmosphere which fosters the sharing of ideas and experiences.

Practical Information

All instruction and reference materials are developed so they can be applied in the everyday workplace. Participants learn the essentials of employment law, managing change, compensation program design and planning, and key training techniques to develop a performance based evaluation program.


How can you expect to benefit from participating in the Certificate in Essentials of Human Resource ManagementSM Seminar?

In short, this seminar provides a strong foundation of human resources essentials to enable HR professionals to get the information and insight they need to achieve the highest level of professional performance.

Who Should Attend

IAML believes that everyone currently involved in human resources, or anyone wanting to become involved, would benefit by participating in this program.

For those already in the field, this program will provide an excellent overview, as well as new insights regarding many aspects of human resources.

For those new in the field, this program will provide an extremely valuable foundation and the skills necessary for a successful career in human resources.

Sponsor Background:

The Institute for Applied Management & Law, Inc. (IAML) produces practically-oriented seminars, materials and videotapes for professionals requiring timely and accurate information in employment law; employee benefits law; environmental, health and safety law; human resources management; and business administration.

Founded in 1979, IAML is the nation's leading producer of comprehensive employment law seminars. Tens of thousands of professionals have participated in its programs.

Based in Newport Beach, California, IAML works closely with leading law firms and practitioners across the country.

Quote From Past Participants:

"IAML conferences are the best!" - Regional Human Resources Manager, Consolidated Stores, Columbus, Ohio

"IAML's seminars are the most informative that I have ever attended. Looking forward to attending another seminar next year." - Employee Relations Coordinator, South Florida Water Management District, West Palm Beach, Florida

"I'll definitely attend another IAML seminar; many participants told me IAML's seminars are the best! Thank you for a job well done." - Treasurer, Armstrong World Industries, Kankakee, Illinois

"I highly recommend IAML's seminars to my colleagues." - Regional Vice President, Travelers Insurance Company, Westwood, Massachusetts

"The information is up-to-the-minute." - Director, Staffing, Venator Group (Foot Locker Worldwide), New York, New York

Your conferences are well planned and equally well delivered. Keep up the good work!" - Labor Relations Representative, Kaiser-Hill Company, Golden, Colorado

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