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The Certificate in Employee Relations Law Seminar



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This is the original, time-tested - since 1979 - Certificate seminar in the employment law field. Practical, effective, completely current and comprehensive with an emphasis on best practices. Three blocks of instruction over 4-1/2 days. Blocks include Labor Law (Monday/Tuesday), Employment Discrimination Law (Wednesday/Thursday) and Special Employee Relations Law Issues (Half day Friday). Fee per person: $2375.


Institute for Applied Management & Law, Inc. - IAML


Human Resources > Labor Relations

Who Should Attend?

Human Resource Professionals, others who need to gain a working knowledge of employment laws that impact the workplace

Seminar Overview

The Certificate in Employee Relations LawSM Seminar provides the most comprehensive, practical, up-to-date employment law training available.

The Certificate in Employee Relations LawSM Seminar is an intensive, 4½ day seminar geared to the real-world needs of human resource professionals, attorneys, and managers. The seminar provides practical, current, comprehensive information on the full range of employee relations law issues.

This seminar has been presented hundreds of times to thousands of professionals since 1979, undergoing continuous improvements, updating and refinement.

The seminar is presented by prominent employment law attorneys who are also excellent presenters. The focus is on the practical implications of the law and what steps participants can take on the job to cope with the complex requirements of the various laws and regulations.

The Certificate in Employee Relations LawSM Seminar is widely regarded as the professional's choice for employment law training.

IAML is totally committed to making these seminars practical, comprehensive, and completely current. All significant recent employment law developments are addressed.

Objectives of the Seminar

The Certificate in Employee Relations LawSM Seminar is designed to provide participants with a broad base of practical knowledge in all facets of employment law. The seminar provides participants with:


Seminar Structure

The Certificate in Employee Relations LawSM Seminar is comprised of three "blocks" of instruction which are presented over 4½ consecutive days. Participants are encouraged to register for the entire program however, registrations for only one or two of the blocks are accepted.

Practical Information for On the Job Applications

All instruction and reference materials were developed so they can be applied in the everyday workplace. Participants learn the requirements of laws and regulations and how to deal with them in their own organizations.

Extensive Materials

The seminar reference materials (about 1,000 pages) are specially prepared for this seminar and are completely current. The materials are provided to participants during the seminar and serve as valuable desktop reference manuals on the job.

Certificate Awarded

The Certificate in Employee Relations Law is awarded when a participant attends all three blocks of the seminar. No examinations are given. These engraved certificates are mailed two to four weeks after the end of each program. NOTE: If you complete only one or two blocks you can still receive a certificate if you complete the remaining block or blocks within a two year period. All blocks need not be completed at the same location.

Renowned Instructors

All seminar block leaders are nationally renowned employment law attorneys from leading law firms who have extraordinary legal backgrounds, extensive practical experience and a demonstrated ability to teach the material in an interesting manner.

Personal Interaction

Faculty members encourage questions from participants. All your questions will be answered during the ample time provided during sessions, at breaks, lunches and after the sessions. The collegial atmosphere fosters the sharing of ideas and experiences among participants.

Career Performance

Participants tell us that this program improves on-the-job effectiveness, and increases capacity for career growth.


How can you expect to benefit from participating in the Certificate in Employee Relations LawSM Seminar?

Tens of thousands of past participants have told IAML that participating in the seminar:

In short, this seminar provides the perfect vehicle for both experienced and less experienced HR professionals and attorneys to get the information and the insight they need to achieve the highest level of professional performance.

Unmatched Popularity

We are often asked. . .How can IAML offer this program successfully for more than 20 years?

The faculty is superb-all are leading employment law attorneys who are excellent communicators and experienced in demystifying the law. This seminar delivers on its promises-it's rigorous, comprehensive, practical and effective.

Participants enjoy the whole program-the content, the facilities, the meals, the opportunities to meet colleagues.

Content is up-to-date and covers virtually every employment law topic, from ADA to Wrongful Discharge.

The materials are terrific-about 1,000 pages of current, timely information that will be useful on-the-job.

Tens of thousands of individuals have found that this program makes a significant difference in their professional performance, and they have spread the word to their colleagues. A large percentage of participants enroll based on recommendations from previous participants.

A Proven Seminar

The Certificate in Employee Relations LawSM is the original, proven seminar that has been presented hundreds of times since 1979. Participant evaluations tell us that this program meets a nationwide need for a practical, professionally prepared and presented program which covers all facets of employment law.

Nearly every past attendee said their participation in the program was worth the time and investment.

More than 99% of past participants say this program improved their professional performance on-the-job.

95% of past participants say the Certificate in Employee Relations LawSM Seminar is better than other programs of its type.

On a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being the highest possible ranking, the average evaluation of the faculty has been 4.7.

12 Reasons to Attend

Some organizations have sponsored more than 100 employees and many have made this seminar mandatory or part of their regular training plan. We encourage you to review the partial list of participating organizations.

Who Should Attend

Organizations (both profit and non-profit) of all sizes and in virtually every industry have profitably invested in this seminar. The titles and/or responsibilities of those who typically participate in this program include:

Experienced human resource professionals find that this program provides the ideal way to get "updated" on all significant employment law topics, while producing increased confidence in dealing with complex employment law issues. Less experienced participants will find that the seminar provides the practical and comprehensive information they need to function effectively in human resource management.

Investing in education and training is important to every professional person. You need to spend your time and money wisely, and you need to be sure of the accuracy and timeliness of the information you receive. This is especially true in the field of employment law.

In employment law training, IAML's Certificate in Employee Relations LawSM Seminar has been synonymous with quality and value since 1979. Every aspect of the program is geared to ensure the most worthwhile and enjoyable program possible. Our unparalleled materials, gifted faculty and current course content have produced many thousands of highly satisfied participants-year after year. Why take chances with your professional development, not to mention your valuable time and money? Invest in a program you can trust, a proven seminar that can make a difference to you professionally-the Certificate in Employee Relations LawSM Seminar.

Sponsor Background:

The Institute for Applied Management & Law, Inc. (IAML) produces practically-oriented seminars, materials and videotapes for professionals requiring timely and accurate information in employment law; employee benefits law; environmental, health and safety law; human resources management; and business administration.

Founded in 1979, IAML is the nation's leading producer of comprehensive employment law seminars. Tens of thousands of professionals have participated in its programs.

Based in Newport Beach, California, IAML works closely with leading law firms and practitioners across the country.

Quote From Past Participants:

"IAML conferences are the best!" - Regional Human Resources Manager, Consolidated Stores, Columbus, Ohio

"IAML's seminars are the most informative that I have ever attended. Looking forward to attending another seminar next year." - Employee Relations Coordinator, South Florida Water Management District, West Palm Beach, Florida

"I'll definitely attend another IAML seminar; many participants told me IAML's seminars are the best! Thank you for a job well done." - Treasurer, Armstrong World Industries, Kankakee, Illinois

"I highly recommend IAML's seminars to my colleagues." - Regional Vice President, Travelers Insurance Company, Westwood, Massachusetts

"The information is up-to-the-minute." - Director, Staffing, Venator Group (Foot Locker Worldwide), New York, New York

Your conferences are well planned and equally well delivered. Keep up the good work!" - Labor Relations Representative, Kaiser-Hill Company, Golden, Colorado

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