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Government Contract Accounting



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A special program on accounting principles as they relate to procurement activities with the Federal Government. Subjects covered include: Government forms and formats; direct and indirect cost rate submissions; cost principles for allowability; cost allowability and reasonableness; dealing with Government auditors; changes and delay claims; and terminations. 13. 0 CPE hours. Fee per person: $1375

Federal Publications Seminars


Federal Publications Seminars



Who Should Attend?

Purchasing professionals

CLE Hours

This Course is Eligible for

11.0(60 minute)

13.2(50 minute)

CPE Hours

This Course is Eligible for

13.0(CPE) hours of credit.

Program Level: Basic

Program Prerequisite: None

Advance Preparation: None

Method: Group-Live

There is accounting...and there is Government contract accounting. Government contractors are subject to a wide range of unique accounting regulations, entering into contracts for which negotiation, performance, termination, and more require following specific accounting principles and standards. And, dealing with the Federal Government can be difficult and complex—a world apart from commercial business.

Accounting in Government contracting, then, has its own unique and specialized rules, regulations, standards, problems, hurdles. And unless a proper accounting system is in place—at every stage of the contract—a contractor can be faced with enormous difficulties, not the least of which is lost profits, lost contracts.

For Government contract administrators, executives, lawyers, managers, financial officers, and internal auditors, as well as for accountants who do not necessarily concentrate in this field, the subject is generally mystifying and often carries with it the intimidating sense of the unknown. So there is a need—a significant need—for this specially developed program.

Government Contract Accounting's exhaustive scope is set forth in the Course Curriculum below. Its coverage includes not only general accounting concepts as they relate to Government contracting, but the specifics of cost principles, cost accounting standards, accounting for claims, special accounting problems, and profit.

By the conclusion of this program, attendees will have a solid, practical understanding of Government contract accounting, including:

The Course Curriculum

Regulatory Environment

Procurement Overview

Cost Accounting Systems

Cost Allowability

Cost Accounting Standards

Cost Estimation and Contract Pricing

Contract Accounting and Administration

Changes, Delays & Terminations

Surviving Government Audits

Sponsor Background:

Federal Publications Inc., founded in Washington, DC in 1958, is recognized as the dominant force in providing Government procurement information to contracts professionals—the leader for high quality print publications, electronic materials, and educational seminars on Government contracting subjects. Construction contracting, immigration law, personnel and employment, international law and business, and environmental law are other areas in which Federal Publications has gained a reputation for high quality products.

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