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The Masters Institute in Government Contracting



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An exhaustive combination of lectures, case studies, in-depth discussion and analyses aimed at devising new/innovative approaches to and developing a deeper understanding of the contracting process. Subjects cover the entire spectrum from Federal agencies and defective specifications to terminations and cost recovery. 33.0 CPE hours. Fee per person: $2045

Federal Publications Seminars


Federal Publications Seminars



Who Should Attend?

Experienced purchasing managers

Daily Schedule


(Course ends at 12:30pm on the last day)

CLE Hours

This Course is Eligible for

25.5(60 minute)

30.5(50 minute)

CPE Hours

This Course is Eligible for

30.0(CPE) hours of credit.

Program Level: Basic

Program Prerequisite: None

Advance Preparation: None

Method: Group-Live

Every year, since 1972, we have offered a specially conceived, advanced program in Government contracting: The Masters Institute In Government Contracting. We are pleased to once again offer the Institute-completely updated for this year's presentations.

The foundation of the Institute is its exceptional Faculty - five professionals who are yours for five days. These individuals will not "teach" you Government procurement. Rather, they will take you beyond, delving into areas which have not been fully explored; considering problems to which there may be no immediate, definite answers; proposing strategies that can directly affect your activities. Consequently, the Institute is specifically designed for Government contract professionals who are already well experienced in procurement.

Each day will be spent in a variety of ways: Lectures, case studies, illustrative examples, group discussions, individual questioning, and considering questions on any procurement subject - not only on matters scheduled to be raised that day. In addition, Institute attendees will receive several manuals of original materials prepared by the faculty. Finally, we believe you will greatly benefit from your association with the other attendees - all of whom are expected to be on your professional level.

This Institute is, in short, a unique educational endeavor. In our view, it continues to be one of the most exhilarating procurement programs we offer. We trust your view will be similar.


Federal Contracting

Areas of discussion: The Government contracts “system”—how it really works and how you can work within it. The institutions that “control” Government contracts—Congress, procuring agencies, General Accounting Office, Office Of Federal Procurement Policy. Judicial tribunals—how they reach decisions, how they make rules, and how to best approach them for relief.


Changes & Equitable Adjustments

Areas of discussion: Professor Nash has literally "written the book" on Government Contract Changes. He has produced a 2,000 page book, which will be provided to all attendees. Both government and contractor personnel will gain unique insights into the Changes Clause and its operation under Federal Contracts. The Changes Clause is the most important standard provision in a Federal contract as it routinely allows for increases and decreases in contract price after competition and award of contract. Professor Nash will comprehensively explain the most current issues and strategies confronting both the government and contractors using this clause.


Source Selection and Negotiations

Areas of discussion: Contract formation and source selection; Past performance evaluation; Commercial item acquisition; Contracting for services; Contract negotiations in the new acquisition environment.


Claims and Terminations

Areas of discussion: Practical and strategy issues in preparing and defending claims for both government and contractor personnel. Concentration on the issue of avoiding statutory and procedural pitfalls for both sides in the process, and using the unwritten processes to obtain a fair result for both sides. In the termination for convenience and default termination area, the concentration will be on the practical and strategy issues that arise. Discussion of how to avoid both types of terminations and how to minimize or maximize recovery depending on which party you represent.


Costs and Accounting

Areas of discussion: Contractors’ recovery of costs and of profits. Commercial product exemptions. Cash flows. Defective pricing of Government contracts. Cost Accounting Standards.

Sponsor Background:

Federal Publications Inc., founded in Washington, DC in 1958, is recognized as the dominant force in providing Government procurement information to contracts professionals—the leader for high quality print publications, electronic materials, and educational seminars on Government contracting subjects. Construction contracting, immigration law, personnel and employment, international law and business, and environmental law are other areas in which Federal Publications has gained a reputation for high quality products.

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