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Leadership Academy Leadership Program



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Leadership Academy (formerly Team Top Gun) is the most comprehensive two-day leadership development seminar on the market today. It is a fast-paced, highly interactive and practical leadership development experience which will challenge, inspire, and empower its participants. This program is designed to: Improve skills in leading in an empowered team-oriented workplace; Combine strategic, tactical and personal content into an integrated approach to leadership; Provide in-depth analysis/awareness of leadership style and abilities; Provide in-depth insight into strengths, weaknesses and preferences; Generate an action plan to improve leadership performance; Create team synergy through a powerful collective experience. Fee per person: $1495.


Effectiveness Dimensions, Inc.


Leadership & Management > Team Building

Who Should Attend?

Teams desiring to improve team effectiveness; Managers at upper middle, middle and first levels who lead in a team environment; Fast track high potential managers; Employees needing to improve interpersonal skills

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Purpose and Objectives

Leadership Academy (formerly Team Top Gun) is the most comprehensive two-day leadership development seminar on the market today. It is a fast-paced, highly interactive and practical leadership development experience which will challenge, inspire, and empower its participants. This program is designed to:

Target Audience


Program Attributes

The ability of this program to effect real and lasting improvement in performance derives from several unique factors:

Program Content

Pre-Program Assessment

Prior to the program, each participant receives a packet of forms, questionnaires and instruments. Completing these instruments requires the participant to begin a process of self assessment, introspection and examination. A major piece of the instrument package is The Executive Effectiveness Profile—a set of questionnaires to be completed anonymously by the participant’s boss, team members and peers. These questionnaires cause the participant to directly consider the impact which he or she, as a leader and manager, is having on key people. The other part of the pre-program assessment is a battery of psychometric instruments which get at a broad range of motives, needs and behaviors.

Bases of Influence - Presentation/Discussion

Lateral influence skills or the ability to get others not under a leader's direct control to do what needs to be done is the focus of this module.

Interpersonal Effectiveness/Conflict Handling - Presentation/Discussion

Using information provided by the Interpersonal Preferences Profile, participants learn about their predominant interpersonal style and its impact on motivation, presentation effectiveness and conflict management.

Management Style Preference Index - Instrument Analysis

Participants receive feedback on 16 dimensions of personality which affect leadership effectiveness. Then participants learn a model to increase the use of eight constructive dimensions and minimize the use of four passive and four aggressive styles.

Team Facilitation/Group Dynamics - Exercise/Discussion (Project Phoenix)

Participants are challenged to select a general manager for an operation from eight candidates. The exercise focuses on the critical role of team facilitator and outlines productive and dysfunctional aspects of team operations. Participants are given a tool for assessing the current effectiveness of their team.

Leadership Assumptions - Exercise & Debrief

Participants challenge their assumptions about leadership against the consensus of a wide body of research. Participants experience team facilitation issues, group dynamics, team synergy and consensus decision issues.

Executive Effectiveness Profile - Instrument Analysis

Each participant receives a detailed 360° look at his/her effectiveness in the eyes of the boss, team members and peers from back at the workplace. This process is a course highlight which forces participants to consider characteristics which currently contribute to their leadership effectiveness and suggestions for future change.

Selecting "A" Players . Presentation/Discussion

Selecting top talent is perhaps the most important activity leaders perform. This section gives participants a framework for increasing the odds of selecting and promoting "A" players.

Election To The Senate - Exercise & Debrief

As newly elected Senators of the United States, participants must fulfill their promises and meet the needs of their people in an exciting simulation revolving around internal customer service. The interaction of communication and trust with organization structure provides focal points for discussion. Also explored are lateral influence skills, "politics" and power, and the dynamics of collaboration vs. competition.

Challenge Driven Team Building System - Presentation/Discussion

The focus is on the stages high performing teams move through and the challenges which must be overcome as participants are given a comprehensive planning template and diagnostic model which will allow them to develop highly effective teams at any level.

Performance Driven Leadership System - Presentation/Discussion

This important section covers methods for diagnosing the development level of associates and choosing the most appropriate style of supervision. Participants also learn a structured feedback for results system as a way of using the concepts in the workplace. A counseling analysis model for dealing effectively with poor performance is also covered as is a template for associate career development.

Organization Environment - Presentation/Discussion

Using the 16 dimensions of the Organization Environment Index, participants are given a tool to diagnose the kind of work environment their people work in and methods to improve it over time.

Lost Mines - Exercise & Debrief

One of the most exciting and challenging simulations ever created, teams must wisely manage their limited resources in a pressure-packed and hostile environment. Exercise highlights the critical nature of situation diagnosis, planning, goal setting, decision-making and leadership. Also explored are dealing with multiple priorities, risk assessment, risk mitigation and small team dynamics under pressure.

Project Leadership - Exercise/Discussion

Participants are tasked with planning a project and selling their ideas to their peers in an interactive simulation. Concepts of team synergy emerge when participants learn to focus on team structure and process. A template for effective project management is a valuable by product of the exercise.

Associate Engagement - Presentation/Discussion

Using the Associate Engagement Indext participants are given insight into six areas which cause associates to actively engage in their work and six areas which cause them to disengage.

Tuition includes all instruction, course materials, assessment instruments and their scoring, and lunches. Tuition does not include transportation or lodging.

Class Size: Maximum of 27 -- Because of the extensive pre-program instruments, please reserve well in advance.

Cancellation Policy: Cancellation or transfer within 3 weeks of the start of the program will result in a $500 cancellation/transfer fee. (No exceptions.)

In-House Programs: The program can be conducted for in-house groups of up to 27 participants..

Sponsor Background:

Effectiveness Dimensions, Inc. is an Orange County based organization effectiveness consulting and training firm founded in 1985. We serve an impressive group of corporations and governmental institutions in the following areas:


Dr John W. Hanes

Instructor Background:

Dr. John W. Hanes President, Effectiveness Dimensions, Intl, an Orange County based consulting firm.

Dr. Hanes is one of the nation's most dynamic facilitators. He has designed and conducted leadership development programs for thousands of managers in organizations as diverse as Fortune 100 corporations, federal state and local governments, medical organizations, internet companies, professional sports teams and the military. His delivery is fast paced, hard hitting and includes mesmerizing stories and examples gleaned from his over 27 years in the profession. His style is often compared to TV's Dr. Phil McGraw and Superbowl winning coach Jon Gruden.

Dr. Hanes has extensive experience in managerial roles inside leading banking, retail and manufacturing organizations such as International Paper and Caterpillar. He holds an Ed. D. in Leadership from the University of San Diego and bachelors and masters degrees in management. Dr. Hanes was a visiting Senior Scientist with the world renown Battelle Memorial Institute and has held similar posts with The Center for Creative Leadership.

He has received frequent recognition for his performance as a developer of leaders. He is a sought after consultant to executive groups and is noted for his focus on “real world” application of concepts. Dr. Hanes has authored a dozen assessment/feedback instruments and numerous exercises and simulations. He is also the author of Change Focused Leadership: Ten Proven Strategies for Success in Uncertain Times.

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