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Rights in Technical Data and Computer Software in Government Contracts



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An essential two-day program on how product ownership is negotiated and determined - contractor and government options, rights and responsibilities. Covers: each side's rights; applicable contract clauses; negotiations; intellectual property issues; copyrights, trade secrets, computer software; the Freedom of Information Act; resolving disputes; and exporting data. 9.0 CPE hours. Fee per person: $1375

Federal Publications Seminars


Federal Publications Seminars



Who Should Attend?

Government contractors

Daily Schedule


Course ends 12:00 noon on the second day

CLE Hours

This Course is Eligible for

8.25(60 minute)

9.9(50 minute)

CPE Hours

This Course is Eligible for

9.0(CPE) hours of credit.

Program Level: Basic

Program Prerequisite: None

Advance Preparation: None

Method: Group-Live

An essential two-day program for Government contract professionals

If you’re involved in Government contracting, you undoubtedly know how vital patents, technical data, and computer software rights are. If you don't know, then you must learn, for these rights mean product ownership of intellectual property in both the present and future, and how ownership will be determined between the Government and the contractor.

It is, however, an unusually complex area containing a wide range of variables and circumstances. In addition, the difficulties are compounded by the Government's determination to completely retain title to the patents and technical data for products it has contracted for, and from the unique problems that can arise when computer software is the product at hand.

The purpose of this specialized program is to provide the most practical information possible on computer software, patents, and technical data rights from the perspective of both the Government and contractors and their professional advisors. It is a clear, incisive analysis of each side's rights, responsibilities, and remedies.

The detailed Course Curriculum tells the story. In addition, the program will be presented by an expert Course Faculty — Government contract professionals with exhaustive experience in this crucial area of procurement who have authored an extensive Course Manual for participants.

The Course Curriculum

Data Rights Policies-The Competing Interests

The Allocation of Rights

Regulatory Revisions

Technical Data and Computer Software Defined

Unlimited Rights in Software and Technical Data

Limited Rights in Technical Data

Restricted Rights in Computer Software


Non-Standard Rights

Protecting Rights in Technical Data and Computer Software

Licensing: A Solution to Data Rights Disputes

Remedies for Misuse of Proprietary Information

Patent Rights

Using the Freedom of Information Act

Sponsor Background:

Federal Publications Inc., founded in Washington, DC in 1958, is recognized as the dominant force in providing Government procurement information to contracts professionals—the leader for high quality print publications, electronic materials, and educational seminars on Government contracting subjects. Construction contracting, immigration law, personnel and employment, international law and business, and environmental law are other areas in which Federal Publications has gained a reputation for high quality products.

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