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Annual Creative Training Techniques Conference



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Lecture-based training is boring and unproductive, but a participant-centered approach turns training into an exciting and effective process that sparks curiosity in every learner. Your people will learn more in less time and have fun in the process. This is the only conference that models participant-centered training to you from start to finish. Join us and spark a training revolution. Fee per person: $1695 for conference only.


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Who Should Attend?

Trainers, Educators, and Training Directors

Every Revolution Starts with a Spark!

Lecture-based training is boring and unproductive, but a participantcentered approach turns training into an exciting and effective process that sparks curiosity in every learner. Your people will learn more in less time and have fun in the process.

CTT 2018 is the only conference that models participant-centered training to you from start to finish. Join us and spark a training revolution



Bob Stromberg is a funny man. For more than 30 years he has traveled the world performing his very unique and perfect blend of stand-up, storytelling, and shtick. He’s the co-author (and an original star) of the megahit theatrical comedy Triple Espresso (A Highly Caffeinated Comedy), seen by more than 2 million people from San Diego to the West End of London. The Chicago Sun Times called Bob “a mesmerizing physical comedian.” The Times in London called him “a genuinely funny man.” Bob’s heartfelt keynote will give you practical steps to create your training masterpiece




Filling Your Creative Reservoir | BOB STROMBERG

Bob has joined a very small group of elite artists who have stayed prolific and profitably busy for decades. How’s he done it? By maintaining a full creative reservoir. In this keynote Bob draws from his years of personal experience, the latest neuroscience and his online course “Mastering the Craft of Creativity” to share three profound, transforming disciplines that lead to creating a rich, personal reservoir of original ideas. The presentation highlights one surprising truth: creativity is not a gift. Creativity is a craft. It can be learned. It is not an understatement to say…this seminar could change your life.

11 AM – 12:15 PM

NEW! #101: Microlearning Made Easy (Classroom Focus) | JANICE HORNE

If traditional training is slow like molasses, microlearning is fast like a waterfall. Discover practical ways to deliver content in small, very specific bursts when the situation calls for “just enough, just in time.” Experience how easy and fun microlearning can be, identify when smaller is the right approach, and takeaway templates for immediate use.

NEW! #102: 11 Keys to Unlock Learner Motivation | DOUG MCCALLUM

Discover 11 tactics you can use to motivate people in training and help them enjoy learning. It starts with three simple questions: (1) Are they able to do it? (2) Are they willing to do it? (3) Are they allowed to do it? Learn how to quickly identify the training challenges you can fix … and how to manage the ones you cannot.

NEW! #103: Don’t Just Train—Game ERIN FULLERMAN

No more boring training, please. Discover how to integrate game elements to any learning program, offline or online, and engage users with fun training that gets the job done. In this session you will explore ways to gamify training to improve performance and meet business objectives using learning games. Your learners will thank you!

NEW! #104: 5 Simple Rules to Become an Explanation Expert | ROD DIAZ

Simplification is a powerful tool across many aspects of your professional career. At the end of this session, you will be able to improve communication in your personal and professional life; efficiently deliver information to colleagues and associates; and better understand any complex topic through the use of simplification.

#105: The Power of Personal Stories and Telling Them Well | BOB STROMBERG

Master Storyteller Bob Stromberg shares the secret to discovering powerful personal stories in memories, experience and random thought. While learning about the creative process, story form and proper preparation, you will develop a plan and leave with a toolbox to begin creating and telling powerful personal life stories for impactful presentations. Bob describes this seminar as “fun and potentially life changing…honest!”

12:15 PM–1:30 PM | LUNCH

1:30–2:45 PM

NEW! #106: Facilitating Masterful Meetings RICH MEISS

Non-productive meetings cost organizations thousands of hours each week. This session will focus on what types of meetings matter, how often to meet and who should attend. Walk away with a checklist of what to do before, during and after every meeting and at least 17 ideas to make your meetings more engaging and memorable.

NEW! #107: Feelings Count: Using Movies to Link Learning | BECKY PIKE PLUTH

Which is more powerful, facts or feelings? If you want to win over everyone in your audience, your best bet is to address both. Explore how movie scenes can quickly help participants connect the emotions experienced watching a movie scene with the content you teach. According to a University of Notre Dame study, learning is tied to “an emotionally charged experience,” either positive or negative. This session-will dive into the psychology behind emotion and teach you how to select the right movie scene to increase retention of information.

NEW! #108: Instructional Design Fast with Storyboarding Process | MICHELLE STIDWELL

Never seem to have enough time to devote to training design? In this session you will explore a simple method to quickly align content and activities to the behaviors necessary to reach your business goals. See for yourself how helpful storyboarding is for designing dynamite content and courses in less time.

NEW! #109: 13½ Best Practices to Set Your Room for Success | DOUG MCCALLUM

Discover 13½ steps to set your training room up for successful programs. These tips aren’t found in training manuals—they’re learned after delivering thousands of workshops and seminars around the world. Learn why there really is a right way to arrange tables, a correct side of the room for the projection screen, and how so many other seemingly small details can add up to make a huge difference in creating the best learning environment.

NEW! #110: 25 Ways to Present with Polish and Poise | ADRIANNE ROGGENBUCK

The pros make presenting look easy, but the polish you see involves hours of preparation and practice. Don’t let what you say be reduced by how you say it. Discover 25 tips for designing and delivering powerful presentations so you and your message both shine.

3:15–4:30 PM

#111: 8 Training Must-Do’s for ParticipantCentered Training | ERIN FULLERMAN

Is your program truly participant-centered? Identify 8 training must-do’s to turn training into an exciting process that engages everybody. Experience the power of interactive techniques to dramatically increase retention (because people learn more when they’re having fun)!

#112: Transform Ho-hum PowerPoints into Wow! | BECKY PIKE PLUTH

Ditch the PowerPoint puke and have learners loving PowerPoint as a visual aid. From high-tech to low tech ideas, experience different ways to make this tool work for you. Discover eight design tips that can be used in virtual and classroom settings. Give your slide deck the makeover it deserves so you can present like a pro!

#113: The EAT Model Works (Experience, Awareness, Theory) | MICHELLE STIDWELL

What is it about shiny objects that makes us want to look or even touch? Curiosity is an inborn human trait that we can leverage in the classroom using the EAT Model. Forget the old model of “tell them what you are going to tell them, tell them, and then tell them what you told them.” Instead, learn how to appeal to learners’ basic instincts and make your training more memorable. Experience EAT for yourself and you’ll change the way you train forever.

#114: Intelligent Infographics Make Training Stick | SCOTT ENEBO

Do you use infographics to communicate information or data more clearly? This fun and visually appealing trend in media is also an incredibly powerful tool to enhance learning and drive greater retention. Discover how you can create and use infographics for live or virtual classes and experiment with making your own infographic before the session is over.

#115: Cartooning for the Artistically Challenged | ADRIANNE ROGGENBUCK

Have you always dreamed of being able to go beyond drawing stick figures? Practice the basics of cartooning to create simple graphics for flipcharts. Leave the session with a ready-to-use poster for your next training. No artistic talent required!


Join The Bob Pike Group team for an informal time to mix and mingle with other conference attendees and presenters.


9–10:15 AM

NEW! #201: Gamification Crash Course MARC RATCLIFFE

Gamification is the concept of applying game mechanics and game design techniques to engage and motivate people. This session will provide participants with a “crash-course” in the basics of gamification and will share 7 steps to create a dynamic gamification solution to suit any content. Best of all, participants will have the opportunity to put these steps into practice during the session and will walk away with a draft plan to support their own training.

NEW! #202: Timely Tips to Improve Consultative Communication | ADRIANNE ROGGENBUCK

How we communicate as consultants has a direct impact on the success of our projects. Our listening skills and non-verbal communication are equally important to our verbal skills. Join this session to explore ways to improve your consultative communication skills for more successful meetings.

#203: The BPG WHY Behind Everything We Do DOUG MCCALLUM

Everything is on purpose. Join Doug, a master trainer who has been with The Bob Pike Group since the beginning, for an insider’s take on the method behind the madness of participant-centered training. Discover 26 techniques that require little time and little-to-no investment. With some creativity and know-how, you can achieve a competitive edge in your next training classes.

#204: The Opening Act: Getting and Keeping Audience Attention | PRISCILLA SHUMWAY

How can you get your audience in a good mood, get them prepared to learn, and open your presentation with confidence? Come experience 9 new ways to open with a hook and establish credibility from the get-go.

NEW! #205: Social Media for Digitally Savvy Training | BECKY PIKE PLUTH

Half of today’s workforce are digital natives, and there are creative ways you can tap into their strengths using social media before, during, and after training. Explore ways to use Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn for training purposes. By the end of the session, you’ll leave with at least one activity to use back on the job.

10:45 AM–12 PM

#206: Making Mandatory Fun | RICH MEISS

Learn best practices from fellow participants as well as the instructor for implementing participant-centered training in mandatory and onboarding programs. Learn how to deal with the “prisoners” who attend mandated training, and help them “want” to be there. A can’t-miss session if your participants don’t have a say-so about being in the room!

NEW! #207: Why Write Attitude Objectives? JANICE HORNE

Many of our participants pass knowledge tests and then don’t do what they should be doing on the job. They know (knowledge) what to do, but are choosing (attitude) not to. Discover how to include attitude objectives when it comes to designing training sessions. Attitude objectives help to surface and shift risky attitudes into positive results.

#208: Zero to Hero: A Fresh Approach to Training | ERIN FULLERMAN

Millennials make up half the workforce—is your training program keeping up with the times? Update your approach to training by learning what motivates this fresh wave of new talent. In this session you’ll see how e-learning and on-demand information are especially effective for training digitally savvy and schedule-wary employees.

#209: 3 Pounds that Matter Most PRISCILLA SHUMWAY

Learn how and why those 3 pounds between your ears can react to fear, emotions, music and fun. What are the regions of the brain that we, as trainers, need to know about so we can create more effective training programs?

NEW! #210: Microlearning Deeper Dive (Digital Focus) | BECKY PIKE PLUTH

This hands-on session will have a “lab” feel as you work together to create “just enough, just in time” digital learning. In 75 minutes we’ll take a sample training module, break it into bite-sized pieces, and work as table teams to build bite-sized lessons to share with the group. You’ll learn a repeatable process you can use with your own content and leave with at least one new idea from each table project.

12–1:30 PM | LUNCH

1:30–2:45 PM

#211: Transforming Managers into Coaches RICH MEISS

Good coaching is one of the most effective ways to enhance organizational results. This session stresses the importance of coaching and shows the costs of not coaching. You will experience the value of three coaching roles—cheerleader, confidant, and corrector—and learn how to help managers reinforce good performance, redirect poor performance, and realize the power of helping people discover their own solutions.

NEW! #212: A Creative Recipe to Make Training Unforgettable | ADRIANNE ROGGENBUCK

Creating a theme for your program makes training more fun for you and your class, but the biggest advantage is that an appropriate theme helps participants remember what they’ve learned. Learn an easy recipe to weave a theme through your training design and delivery. Leave this session with a cookbook of ideas on how to execute your theme flawlessly. (No cooking skill required!)

#213: A Simple 5-Step Design Method DOUG MCCALLUM

Learn a simple (but not easy) model you can use to design, deliver and facilitate training that hits the mark with your learners. You will practice the techniques and consider ways to adapt, adopt and apply it to future training sessions.

#214: Webinars 101: Four Techniques to Build Interaction Online | SCOTT ENEBO

Let your content shine and get your online audience engaged with this crash course on designing creative webinars. You’ll learn how to increase participants’ retention and skill transfer with four techniques for delivering interactive webinars. By the end of this session, you will have a game plan to make your next webinar your best one yet.

NEW! #215: Ignite and Excite Me! MARC RATCLIFFE

This session will highlight 9 key ways to encourage learners to be fully focused and work at their best. This will include sharing, modeling and discussing more than two dozen techniques that can be immediately applied to the participants’ own environments. While the focus will be on learning and teaching, there will be ideas on how to connect more effectively during team meetings and tips on how to make presentations more memorable.

3:15–4:30 PM

NEW! #216: Dealing with Difficult Participants MICHELLE STIDWELL

What do the Latecomer, the Know-it-All, the Blabbermouth, and the Texter all have in common? Each has the potential to run your class off the rails. Come and learn specific coping strategies and techniques to help you redirect disruptions and keep everyone engaged.

NEW! #217: How to Make Refresher Training Refreshing | JANICE HORNE

Many times, learners roll their eyes at mandatory refresher training. And that’s because “refresher” training usually looks exactly like the initial training. In this session, you will explore why that method doesn’t work and what to do instead. Then watch your refresher training go from a mandated drag to an anticipated event.

NEW! #218: No More Sit and Gets: How to Make Webinars Interactive ERIN FULLERMAN

Gone are the days where people will sit and listen to trainers who plow through slides and recite their lines on webinars. Turn your webinars into active, engaging, participant-centered sessions that keep your learners up and moving! Learn how to create an online interactive classroom experience.

#219: 7 Zing Zang Zoom: 15 Quick Engagers PRISCILLA SHUMWAY

Learn how to add engagement to your sessions from a master of the art. Experience for yourself how energizers help people get ready to learn. Priscilla will model 15 engaging activities you can use to bring energy to your program as you segue into serious learning points.

NEW! #220: Build Learning Success Through Collaboration | JASON ASH

Explore how you can support collaborative learning and use the combined wisdom of the group to enrich the learning experience for all. In this session, learn more about the history and science that supports collaborative learning, participate in 6 examples of collaborationbuilding activities, and create an action plan to build those types of activities into your own sessions


9–10:15 AM

NEW! #301: Creative Training Techniques® for On-the-Job Training | RICH MEISS

On-the-job training (OJT) is the single most used (and misused) of all approaches to training. It happens whenever an experienced person shows an inexperienced person how to do a job. While there is no prescribed “best way” to teach a skill, the two most common approaches are showing and telling. Discover Creative Training Techniques® that will ensure repeatability, reliability, standardization, and consistency – critical factors for OTJ training success.

NEW! #302: Mastering Edutainment JASON ASH

Edutainment is an act of learning through a medium that both educates and entertains. This workshop highlights how to creatively fuse education and entertainment together to create more engaging and impactful presentations. This workshop will model more than a dozen evidence-based tips, techniques, games and activities to support any trainer in building engagement, promoting retention and enhancing the transfer of knowledge back to the job.

NEW! #303: Facilitating Consensus SCOTT ENEBO

Getting a group of people to agree on what needs to happen with a project or initiative is always a challenge. Getting them to take ownership and action is another story altogether. Experience a simple process that can help teams take ownership as collective ideas are melded into one cohesive product. Session limited to 25 attendees.

NEW! #304: How to Simplify Complex Content and Make it Participant-Centered JANICE HORNE

Have you ever found yourself thinking (or saying) that your content is too complex to make it participantcentered and interactive? All complex systems are made up of simple parts. In this session, we will explore techniques for breaking down complex content and giving participants opportunities to interact with the content.

#305: Project Management Know-How for Trainers | MICHELLE STIDWELL

Do you feel overwhelmed with the amount of planning and organizing involved in designing and delivering a training session? As trainers and instructional designers, it is essential to have a foundational knowledge of project management. Join us and discover how to overlay project management techniques and walk away with critical project management tools that you will be able to use in your training session.

10:30–11:45 AM | CLOSING KEYNOTE

Beyond Excellence | MARC RATCLIFF

If excellence is expected, what are you doing in your organization to move beyond excellence? This keynote will examine the factors that successful organizations use to consistently rise above the rest and will identify the three critical components that training organizations must have to deliver truly outstanding results and value to all those they serve. The presentation will encourage attendees to transcend the current climate of compliance and look at quality and service through a new lens. It will also highlight some of the emerging learning trends that training organizations need to be aware of to enable them to build capacity and offer the kinds of choices required by students and industry

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Trainers are a tough audience to train. The involving train-the-trainers seminar you'll experience was created and fine-tuned by Bob Pike, who personally delivers training and keynote addresses over 150 days each year --- as he has for each of the last 20 years.

Pike has served on the National Board of Directors of the American Society for Training & Development and has been the top-ranked presenter at their last five national conferences. He has addressed dozens of regional meetings of the professions' leading association.

A prolific writer, Bob Pike is Editor-in-Chief of the monthly Creative Training Techniques Newsletter, author of The Creative Training Techniques Handbook, and a contributor to Personnel Administrator, Self-Development Journal, and TRAINING.

As a consultant, Bob Pike has assisted American Express, Shell Oil, PSE&G, Bally's Casino, Hewlett Packard, and many other leading companies. Mr. Pike has earned the Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) honor from the National Speakers Association and in person alone he has shared his powerful message with over 100,000 people around the world.

You'll Learn More Because of Our Faculty

Bob Pike has personally selected, trained, observed, and coached your seminar leader through a two-year preparation process. One of the nine member faculty of Creative Training Techniques will conduct your seminar. They are very skilled facilitators to ensure your satisfaction. You'll find the faculty to be "professional's professionals" and the experience very energizing.

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