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The Breakthrough Strategies to Teach and Counsel Troubled Youth and Children Conference for Educators and Counselors


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This conference offers hundreds of innovative strategies to prevent or manage student behavioral, social, emotional, and academic problems, including bullying, cyberbullying, disrespect, poor performance, school failure, truancy, work refusal, school violence, poor motivation, delinquency, and more. Adolescents and children with challenges will receive a special focus. Distance learning options and financial aid are available. This conference is open to teachers, educators, school counselors, psychologists, juvenile justice court workers, social workers, foster parents, principals, and anyone who works with difficult children and teens. Free sample intervention strategies from the conference are available. $55 college credit and 10 free clock hours are offered. The event is also available as a distance learning class, with optional college credit and free CEUs. Fee per person: $169.


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Who Should Attend?

Teachers, youth workers, counselors, psychologists, court workers, social workers, justice workers, foster parents and school administrators

Course Content

Bring your most serious kid problems with you, and you'll receive hundreds of practical, problem-stopping, ready-to-use interventions on the spot. This workshop delivers the best answers to your worst kids problems.The Breakthrough Strategies to Teach and Counsel Troubled Youth Workshop is packed with powerful, ready-to-use answers for aggressive, withdrawn, non-compliant, abused, unmotivated, at-risk and delinquent youth grades K-12.

This conference delivers what it promises: Ready-to-use, "must have" tools-- even for the extreme violence. We give you the 3 types of kids at highest risk of extreme violence like school shootings, then show you how to intervene completely differently with each type. We give preventive strategies that every contemporary youth professional must have in these turbulent times.

We'll cover any problem that you request-- even the most difficult and serious problems, everything from extreme violence to serious family problems to depression to withdrawal to child abuse and self-harm. We'll even provide the "must-have" safety tools you need to understand and intervene with today's severely disturbed and distressed youth. These are real-world answers that you probably didn't get in college, but need right away to safely and pro-actively do your job.

Working with difficult kids doesn't have to be difficult with our problem-stopping answers. Our attention-grabbing interventions are surprisingly effective and you can't learn them anywhere else. This conference delivers the newest and best answers that you can use right away. If you are a teacher, counselor, social worker, court worker, psychologist, teaching assistant, principal, special educator, foster parent or justice worker, you won't want to miss even one of our 200 strategies!

If your training prepared you to work with Beaver Cleaver, but you have Beavis and Butthead showing up, we have the answers you need. This conference is different than any other. We really do deliver hundreds of real-world answers that really work. If you work with at-risk, high risk, delinquent, uncooperative, disrespectful, sad or angry youngsters, you will use every word of this conference. Bring us your worst kid problems-- you'll leave with the best answers that exist. Whether you are a teacher, special educator, counselor, psychologist, foster parent, social worker or classroom aide, our class delivers RESULTS, RESULTS, RESULTS!

You'll Get 200 of the Best Strategies That Exist: You'll learn unforgettable devices to motivate the unmotivated. You'll hear kids tell what they need to function despite coping with big family problems. You learn no-excuses impulse control devices for delinquent, oppositional and hyperactive kids. You'll learn often over-looked methods that convince aggressive kids to moderate their behavior. You'll hear non-compliant kids describe what they need to comply. Plus, we'll show you who is your hardest-to-manage kid, and give dozens of the do's and don't's you were never taught in college, so you can best manage even your most poorly behaved, most at-risk, and aggressive youngsters!

If you're worried about the violence, withdrawal, family problems, depression, ADD, ADHD, school failure and apathy, then make the 2 day investment that will pay off all year long. We've had participants crisscross the U.S., drive from Chicago to Dallas, fly in from Japan, crash full sessions, and brave winter snow storms to attend this class, and actually say "It was worth the trip!" If you have kids with problems, then we have your answers.

Who in the World Has Attended the Breakthrough Workshop?

Cincinnati Public Schools, Victoria TX Job Training Program, Portland OR Public Schools, Division of Children and Families (IN), Houston (TX) ISD, Atterbury (IN) Job Corps, River Oak Treatment Center (CA),Davis (CA) Unified School District, Sacramento CA Schools, Great Seal Family Center, (OH), Orange County FL Public Schools, California Youth Authority, Oregon Youth Authority, Ohio Dept. Justice Services, Multnomah County OR Juvenile Court, WA ESD 112 , Monterey Co CA Mental Health, Sacramento CA Office of Education, Pulaski VA Police Dept. Juv. Services, Tongue Point Job Corps, Boise ID Public Schools....and schools, alternative schools, special education coops, agencies, foster homes, juvenile courts, job corps, mental health centers, day treatment centers and residential programs all over North America.

If you are a teacher, counselor, psychologist, aide, foster parent, court worker, residential worker, day treatment worker, social worker, probation officer, parole officer or someone who works with challenged kids, we have the answers you need


Ruth Herman Wells

Instructor Background:

Workshop instructor Ruth Herman Wells, M.S. delivers practical, "real-world" solutions you can use right away. Her methods have been featured on cable TV's Mind Extension University, and in The Corrections Compendium and Child Welfare Report. These methods are designed to work when conventional approaches fail. Ruth's lively workshop instantly updates your skills to fit the contemporary kid. Her workshop delivers answers for any kid who is struggling-- even for gang members, teen parents, apathetic, self-destructive, drug-involved and disturbed youth and children.

Quote From Past Participants:

"We were desperate and there is now hope." Teacher, Lancaster High School, Lancaster, OH

"Incredibly useful. Inspiring." Counselor, Lincoln Elementary School, East Chicago, IN

"Instructor stuffed full of practical, immediately useable ideas." Whitworth School, Dallas, OR

"Fantastically practical!" Ohio Dept of Youth Justice Services, Columbus, OH

"I didn't realize how much useful information could be crammed into 2 days." Teacher, Bloomington, IN

"Excellent! These techniques will work with even the most difficult students." Teacher, Lockhart, TX Schools

"Bam! Pow! Instructor hits you right between the eyes with lots of new approaches, ideas and information." McGrath School, Napa State Hospital, Napa CA.

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