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Maintenance Welding Live or Webinar



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Fundamentals, Practical Applications & Best Practices. This course is designed to answer these and other basic questions so that students can go back to their workplace and immediately improve the quality of their welds. That is the purpose of this course. Keywords: webinar, webinars, virtual learning, online learning. Fee per person: $1195

TPC Training


TPC Training


Manufacturing > Maintenance & Safety

Who Should Attend?

Anyone who needs to understand welding practices and procedures, including Welders, Maintenance & Repair Personnel, Multi-Craft Technicians, Fabricators, Maintenance Supervisors & Managers, Inspectors, Anyone whose job involves welding

Fundamentals, Practical Applications & Best Practices

Purpose of Seminar:

This course is designed to answer these and other basic questions so that students can go back to their workplace and immediately improve the quality of their welds. That is the purpose of this course. At an American Trainco seminar, we provide real world training…. for real world needs, to help you in your job today!

Course Objectives:

What you will learn:

Who should take this course:

This course is designed for anyone who needs to understand welding practices and procedures. Attendees come from a wide variety of industries, skill-levels, company sizes, and backgrounds, so if you’re not sure you will fit in or benefit from the class, don’t worry – you will – as long as your job involves welding. But if you still have doubts, remember our no-risk registration and money-back guarantee.

People who will benefit from attending this seminar include:

What you will take home:

Course Outline / Agenda:

Techniques in Welding

Types of Welding Processes

How to Weld on Steel

How to weld on Aluminum alloys

How to Weld on Stainless Steel

How to Weld Repair Cast Iron

Welding and Brazing on Copper and Copper Alloys

Review of Cutting Processes for Maintenance Welding

Welding Safety

Welding Costs and Records


If you're not yet sure you'll be able to attend this seminar, you can still make a reservation to hold your space in class. While payment is due prior to the start of the seminar, you may choose a full refund or credit for cancellations made at least 24 hours in advance. Student substitutions can also be freely made at any time prior to the start of the seminar. Refunds will not be issued for registered attendees who fail to show up and have not given a notice of cancellation.

In the rare event that should you not receive the expected value after attending our seminar, simply notify us in writing of your reasons and your money will be promptly refunded.

Sponsor Background:

TPC Trainco provides live training for maintenance personnel in industrial plants and large facilities. Our one to four day seminars offer intensive, high-impact training that gets workers back to the workplace quickly to apply what they’ve learned. We also provide live on-site training, tailored to each client’s needs and equipment.

As a division of TPC Training Systems, we are an essential part of the total training solution for a better, safer, more efficient workforce.

150K+ Workers trained since 2004

2K+ Seminars nationwide each year

30+ Maintenance topics covered

Our Approach to Training uses live instruction as the most effective way to learn and retain maintenance skills.

Our Instructors are seasoned industry experts and field-experienced educators.

Our Curriculum covers a full range of industrial, facility, and building maintenance topics.

Our Guarantee ensures our training seminars deliver.

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