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Supervising Maintenance: Driving Operational Excellence through Effective Frontline Leadership



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Upon completion of this course, you will be able to: Exhibit a high level of understanding of the definition of a maintenance supervisor; Demonstrate an awareness of key focuses of Maintenance Excellence for application to maintenance supervision; Apply key supervision skills related to the maintenance supervisor role; Apply principles of leadership for application to maintenance supervisor role; Understand and apply key maintenance supervisory tools; Develop an individual improvement plan for application at the plant site. Fee per person: $1495


Marshall Institute


Manufacturing > Maintenance & Safety

Who Should Attend?

Frontline Maintenance Supervisors, Maintenance Leads, First Level Maintenance Managers, Maintenance Coordinators, Maintenance Coachs

Fulfill Your Leadership Potential

Supervisors are the first line of management in any organization. A simplified job description is ‘supervisors manage the performance of others to achieve the organization’s goals.’ In order for maintenance supervisors to be successful they require a wide range of skills, including:

In addition to these skills maintenance supervisors must also have technical, human relations, administrative, and decision making skills.

We all have areas for improvement, what are yours? Addressing the key skill requirements for maintenance supervisors, this seminar is highly valuable for future, newly promoted, and experienced supervisors. Supervision is a specialized job that requires specialized training.

You should attend if you…

Have been or will be tasked to tactically lead (coach, support, delegate, and administrate) an efficient and effective maintenance department.

These include but are not limited to:

Achieve Greater Performance

Learning objectives

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to...

Seminar Content


Basic Concepts of Maintenance Excellence

Supervisor Tactics

Work Management Process Flow

Supervisor Strategies



Personal Improvement Plan



Andy Gager, Mark Jolley

Instructor Background:

Andy Gager - Director of Consulting Services - has over 25 years of manufacturing experience ranging from warehousing operations to plant manager. Specializing in Materials Management and Operations, Mr. Gager has led multiple improvement initiatives that include Kaizen events that resulted in process cost reductions of $1.4M annually, strategic sourcing programs that reduced inventories by 70%, and successful reconfiguration of warehousing operations that reduced space by 60% while improving efficiency.

Mark Jolley - Mr. Jolley is an experienced maintenance and manufacturing professional with over ten years of experience leading continuous improvement in the manufacturing environment. Mark has worked as a LEAN Leader, directing complex projects from concept to fully operational status. His background in TPM, 5S, Six Sigma, and Quality Assurance helped make him a strong team leader, detail-directed problem solver, and a goal oriented manager.


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