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NBI, Inc. Seminars

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NBI, Inc. Seminars

Advanced Family Law (1 date)
Family law is changing and becoming increasingly complex. The family law practitioner must learn to adapt and capitalize...

As Judges See It: Top Mistakes Attorneys Make in Civil Litigation - How to Impress the Judges and Build Your Reputation with the Court (1 date)
This unique course brings you face-to-face with the triers of fact, the current civil court judges, to learn their expectations...

Collection Laws From Start to Finish (1 date)
Solid Techniques to Help You Get Your Money Faster. Getting people to part with their money when they owe a debt can be...

Dirty Litigation Tactics: How to Deal with the Rambo Litigator (1 date)
You've probably either tried a case against a Rambo litigator - or you've heard stories from your colleagues about this...

Find it Free and Fast on the Net: Advanced Internet Strategies for the Legal Professional (1 date)
The Internet is a vast network of information, not all of which is accurate or reliable. Paying for online research services...

Personal Injury 101 (1 date)
A Comprehensive Guide to Personal Injury Law and Procedure. Are you up-to-date on important information that can affect...

What Civil Court Judges Want You to Know (1 date)
Reach a Civil Litigation Resolution as Quickly as Possible -- With Insight From the Bench. When was the last time that...

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