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Burke Institute Seminars

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Burke Institute Seminars

Applying Research and Insights: Customer, Brand, Product (1 date)
The focus of this 2-day seminar is on the application of various marketing research methods to specific decision areas involving...

Designing Effective Questionnaires: A Step by Step Workshop (1 date)
In this hands on workshop, participants will learn: how to phrase questions and design questionnaires that are responsive...

Market Segmentation and Positioning Research (1 date)
Learn how to segment your markets and select the best target markets for your products and services. Learn how to design...

Moderator Training: Focus Groups and IDIs (2 dates)
This limited enrollment, intensive 4-day workshop is designed to train you to become a focus group moderator. Specifically,...

Practical Marketing Research (1 date)
In this comprehensive 3-day seminar designed for marketing researchers, you will learn how to plan and implement marketing...

Specialized Moderator Skills for Qualitative Research Applications (1 date)
In this limited enrollment 4-day workshop designed for the active focus group moderator, you will learn: How to select the...

Tools and Techniques of Data Analysis (1 date)
A comprehensive seminar which packs everything participants want to know about data analysis in marketing research using...

Writing and Presenting Marketing Research Reports: Insights, Storytelling, Data Visualization (1 date)
In this 3-day interactive seminar, you will learn how to write and present marketing research reports and presentations...

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